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Educator Beef Tours

Teacher Farm-to-Fork Beef Tour & Curriculum Training

Beef Council

New York Agriculture in the Classroom and the New York Beef Council are collaborating on the second annual "Meat Your Beef" Tours to offer an exciting food system training for teachers across the state. If you are interested in learning more about the meat production industry in New York, have questions about how beef cattle are fed, cared for, and marketed, and want to give a first-hand perspective on food production to your students, register for the workshop closest to you.

All registered K-12 teachers will start the experience learning about how to incorporate the food system in their curriculum and receive books and a resource bundle with a value of over $75. In addition, teachers will receive 6 hours of CTLE credit for their participation in the experience.

This training is free of charge and is applicable for teachers in grades K-12. All teachers must be registered by May 29th.



8:30 am

Teacher Curriculum Training

10:30 am


10:15-11:00 am

Beef in a Sustainable Diet, Cindy Chan-Phillips, RD, Director of Nutrition Education, NYBC

11:15 am

Start Tour; during tour discuss and/or show the following

  • How cattle are raised from the farm to the market
  • Feeding and watering facilities and pasture management
  • Fencing and housing of cattle
  • Moving and handling of cattle
  • Record keeping
  • Disease prevention and healthcare programs/practices
  • Type of marketing programs

1:00 am

Lunch and learn...more!

1:30 pm

Types of Beef and Beef Labelling

2:00 pm



Dates & Locations

  • Tuesday, June 11th- Rally Farms - Millbrook, NY
  • Wednesday, June 12th- MMT Cattle- Fonda, NY
  • Thursday, June 13th- Shepard Settlement Farm- Marcellus, NY
  • Friday, June 14th- Meadowbrook Cattle LLC- Medina, NY

Bring a Colleague!

These fantastic days on the farms are tours you will not want to miss! Have the team join us to learn more about the beef industry. Hear from experts at the New York Beef Council as well as from farmers themselves. They can't wait to answer your questions about beef. Plus, a FREE steak lunch is included!

With questions, please contact Katie Carpenter at kse45@cornell.edu.