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Nevada Map and List of Commodities

Nevada Agriculture

Nevada is the seventh largest state in the nation and, despite its reputation for desert terrain, is one of the most mountainous. Vast rangelands provide year-round grazing for livestock and wildlife. The mountains yield excellent summer forage. Raising beef cattle is the most common agricultural enterprise in Nevada and several large bands of sheep also reside here. The predominately arid climate limits widespread farming activities, but the state has several lush, productive valleys along surface waterways. Traveling across Nevada, one might not see much in the way of agriculture, but off the beaten paths there is a lot going on. The agriculture community in Nevada is adopting new technologies, expanding markets, and producing more diverse products.

Download Nevada Agricultural Commodity Map (PDF/7MB)

County Map

County Top Three Commodities*
Carson City Beef, Greenhouse/Nursery, Equine
Churchill Dairy, Hay, Beef
Clark Dairy, Greenhouse/Nursery, Beef
Douglas Beef, Dairy, Hay
Elko Cattle, Hay, Beef
Esmeralda Hay, Beef, Animal Specialities
Eureka Beef, Hay, Sheep
Humboldt Hay, Beef, Potatoes
Lander Beef, Hay, Sheep
Lincoln Hay, Beef, Greenhouse/Nursery
Lyon Beef, Hay, Vegetable
Mineral Beef, Hay, Apiculture
Nye Dairy, Greenhouse/Nursery, Beef
Pershing Beef, Hay, Sheep
Storey Vegetables, Equine, Beef
Washoe Vegetable, Beef, Hay
White Pine Beef, Hay, Sheep
*Based on value of production
Adapted from a brochure of the Agriculture Council of Nevada

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