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Education Grants Program - 2014

MAITC is pleased to announce the return of the Grant Program for 2014. The Maine Agriculture Specialty License plate revenues make $60,000 available again this year! Many thanks to these license plate owners! Schools and non-profit agriculture education initiatives across the state may apply for this competitive funding. Last year 35 programs were funded across the state in amounts ranging from $1,000 - $5,000.

Click links below to view/download the 2014 Requests for Applications

This grant program is made possible by the Maine Agricultural Specialty License Plate.


Overview of 2014 MAITC Grants Funded

Agriculture Leadership Grants up to $1,000


  1. Oxford Hills Technical School FFA – Advisor, Al Schaeffer
    To send FFA winning team on to compete at the Big E.
  2. Maine FFA Association – Advisor, Doug Robertson
    To send state FFA officers to Eastern States Expo
  3. Ashland District School FFA – Advisor, Janet Perry
    To compete at the Big E and tour New England Ag sites
  4. Sanford Regional Technical Center – Advisor, Katie Osediacz
    To fund travel for a new FFA group.
  5. Caribou Technical Center – Teacher, Casey Cote Photo
    To start a Community Supported Agriculture Program
  6. ME Assn of Conservation Districts - Rebecca Jacobs
    To support Envirothon
  7. Little Beavers 4-H Club – Leader, Marilyn Schofield
    To send 4-Hers to visit Agricultural colleges in New England
  8. Presque Isle High School FFA – Advisor, John Hoffses
    To attend the Big E and visit Maine farms.

Agricultural Awareness Grants - $1,000

  1. Albert S Hall School, Waterville – Teacher, Mary Dunn
    To bring local farmers and foods to students
  2. Atwood Primary School, Oakland – Teacher, Tammy Pullen
    To start a small garden & build a chicken coop.
  3. Hunger Free York County - Allison Hopkins
    To buy and teach students about fresh, local foods
  4. Holbrook Middle School, Holden – Teacher, Maddy Roberts
    Photo To continue the school garden project started with a MAITC grant in 2012
  5. Wells High School – Teacher, Elisa Allen Beriau
    For Field trips, farm products and lab activities for dual credit course "Principles of Sustainable Agriculture" for high school and college credit
  6. RSU#20, Swanville – Teacher, Patricia Ferrintino
    To start a small veggie program.
  7. The New School, Kennebunk – Teacher, Marilyn Wentworth
    To tour and learn from local farmers & markets
  8. Photo
  9. Maine Farm to School Network - Ken Morse
    To support the Maine Farm To School Conference
  10. R.W.Traip Academy, Kittery – Dr. Maury Hepner
    To purchase plants & compost for their permaculture garden
  11. Milbridge Elementary School – Teacher, Suzen Polk-Hoffses
    To visit local farms

School Garden & Greenhouse Grants – Up to $3,000

  1. RSU#2, Monmouth – Principal, Deborah Emery
    To explore agriculture through the use of their school greenhouse and connections to local farms
  2. Pemetic Elementary, Southwest Harbor – Teacher, Bonnie Burne
    Grant will be added to funding from the Maine Community Fund to build a year-round greenhouse which will be integrated into the core curriculum of all classes at the school, K – 8th grade.
  3. MSAD#15, Gray/New Gloucester – Teacher, Morgan Kerr
    To implement a school garden program and outdoor classroom.
  4. Photo
  5. Portland Arts and Technology H.S. – Teacher, Kathy Tarpo
    To expand the aquaponics program
  6. Hermon Middle School – Teacher, Shane Barker
    For a hoop house to cover previously installed raised beds.
  7. Brunswick High School – Teacher, Jon Riggleman
    Will work with at risk teens in the topics of food security, gardening and farming.

Agricultural Awareness Grants – Up to $3,000

  1. Leavitt Area High School – Teacher, Sharon Hathaway
    To support fieldtrips and collaborations for high school students and local farmers. A yearlong course that involves local farmers, internships, a field day and exposure to careers and local foods and farms. This year a dual credit program will be added for college credit.
  2. MSAD#15 Pre K, Gray-New Gloucester – Teacher, Kelly Burgess
    To add farm fieldtrips and agricultural activities to the 3 classrooms for 90+ Pre-K students over the school year.
  3. Photo
  4. Healthy Communities of the Capital Area – FoodCorp Service Member, Andrea Snow
    To support the FoodCorp service member's initiatives in 3 school districts.
  5. Edward Little High School – Teacher, Kimberly Finnerty
    To teach 90+ High School chemistry students through the use of living classroom experiences in agriculture.
  6. University of Maine Child Study Center – Teacher, Kevin Duplissie
    Photo To teach preschool and college students about agriculture through a year-long program including fieldtrips and experiential learning activities.
  7. Cumberland Farmers Club Exhibit Hall - Carolyn Small
    To support Ag Day at Cumberland Fair
  8. Re-Tree US - Richard Hodges
    To conduct grafting workshops at 5 Maine high schools with established orchards.
  9. Maranacook Community School, Readfield – Teacher, Pat Stanton
    Photo To support the Dual credit “Principles of Sustainable Agriculture” and alternative education agriculture programs.
  10. Northeast Livestock Expo, Windsor Fairgrounds - Cindy Kilgore
    To support the NELE Kid's Day Educational event.
  11. Opportunity Alliance, Portland/Westbrook – Teachers, Sarah Swenson, Suzie Berzinis & J'Aime Walker
    To provide fieldtrips andactivities for Pre K students in Westbrook.
  12. ME Assn of Conservation Districts, Hancock County - Megan Facciolo
    Photo To support the Educational Farm Tours program.
  13. RSU#52, Leavitt HS fiberarts - Marcia Martin
    To support fieldtrips and materials for a fiberarts class.
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