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Education Grants Program - 2014

MAITC is pleased to announce the return of the Grant Program for 2014. The Maine Agriculture Specialty License plate revenues make $60,000 available again this year! Many thanks to these license plate owners! Schools and non-profit agriculture education initiatives across the state may apply for this competitive funding. Last year 35 programs were funded across the state in amounts ranging from $1,000 - $5,000.

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This grant program is made possible by the Maine Agricultural Specialty License Plate.


Overview of 2013 MAITC Grants Funded

Agriculture Leadership Grants up to $1,000

FFA Group

Presque Isle FFA MSAD#1 Presque Isle – John Hoffses – $1000
Presque Isle FFA Leadership Enhancement
As a result of this grant they will increase student awareness of agricultural systems and practices. Outstanding Ag Students will attend the FFA program at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, MA and the National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY.


Ashland FFA Ashland FFA – Janet Perry, advisor -- $1,000
The Big E and Beyond!
Funding will help students attend “Big E” in Springfield, MA and the FFA National Convention in Louisville, KY. The students will meet other FFA students from all around the U.S. and have a chance to complete in various career development events.


Easton FFA Easton FFA – Kevin Marquis, director -- $1,000
Leadership Career Development and More
Funding will allow Easton FFA students to attend National FFA and compete in Farm Business Management, Environment and Natural Resources, and Prepared Public Speaking.



Caribou FFA Caribou FFA- Ralph Conroy, Director -- $1,000
Caribou FFA Develops Premier Leaders
This grant will allow winning teams in Ag Mechanics, Extemporaneous Speaking, Job interview and even the National FFA Chorus from Caribou FFA to participate at the highest level in the FFA, the National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY.


State Officers FFA Maine FFA Association – Doug Robertson, advisor -- $1,000
Maine FFA Association Leadership Development
The Maine FFA Association will use the funding to conduct leadership workshops for members and additional presentations to new classrooms across the state.



Caribou FFA Fort Fairfield FFA – Jeanne Fox, advisor -- $1,000
Agricultural Leadership
Funding will allow FFA students to travel to the week-long leadership conference in Washington DC with students from across the nation.


Agriculture Awareness Grants up to $1,000

Opportunity Alliance Pre-K -- J'Aime Walker – $1,000
Food, Fiber and ME!
These urban students have little understanding of agriculture. This program will allow them to visit 5 local farms over the year and learn first hand what happens there and how the products get to them. The classroom will design a learning environment and extension activities to be responsive to children's natural curiosity and interest.

Gray – New Gloucester Pre-K -- Kelly Burgess – $1,000
Planting Seeds of Knowledge with Maine Ag
Funding will be used to allow Pre-K children to learn about Maine's local and rich agricultural offerings. This program will also allow them to visit local farms over the year and learn from hands-on activities.

Opportunity Alliance Pre-K - Suzanne Berzinis & Kristin Reindl -- $1,000
Our World
Students will experience six engaging fieldtrips and explore plants and animals first hand.

Auburn – Lewiston YMCA – Kate Thiss – $1,000
Auburn – Lewiston Childcare Program Indoor Garden
This project will enhance indoor gardening projects at the Turner Street location as well as introduce the activities at the Monticello and Geiger after school programs in Lewiston.

Albert S Hall School, Waterville – Mary Dunn - $1000
Hall School Garden Club
Funding will be used to expand the children's exposure to, understanding of, and appreciation for where their food comes from using trips to local farms and the school's garden.

College of the Atlantic – Annelise Hildebrandt - $1000
Connors Emerson School & COA Farm to School
Funding will be used to continue and build on the Farm to School program, and introduce students to their food system through class discussion, field trips, and service learning. The program is intended to meet Maine Learning Results for both science and social studies in an interactive and engaging way, while empowering students to improve their local food system.

Princeton Elementary School – Jane Andrews - $1000
Fourth Grade Garden
Students will grow vegetables from seed to maturity. The students will use different systems including the garden, indoor grow lights and a hydroponic system. After harvest they will learn to process the vegetables by cooking, freezing, and canning.

Robbinston Grade School – Maryellen Morrell - $1000
Greener School
Our project will teach children good nutritional habits by growing, tending, harvesting and preparing nutritious foods from the garden.

Maine School Garden Network – Ryan Fahey - $1000
Promoting School Gardens
Our project will increase capacity of the Maine School Garden Network who maintains a website ( with about 100 Maine School Gardens in their directory.

School Garden Grants up to $2000

Maine School of Science & Mathematics – Deborah Eustis - Grandy – $2000
MSSM Hydroponics Greenhouse
This funding will cover grow lamps in their new 20' x 55' greenhouse devoted to student-directed research in hydroponics.

Houlton High School – Mike Hammer - $2,000
KHS Garden Project
Funding will directly connect students to agriculture through use of the greenhouse and composting program.   The compost from the cafeteria will be used to increase soil fertility in the greenhouse completing the ecological cycle.

Midcoast Maine Community Action Program – Jessica Tysen - $2,000
Head start Pre-School Garden
The funding will add two small greenhouses to the existing garden project to extend the student’s exposure earlier and later in the season to start seedlings in the spring and grow cold tolerant crops much longer into the fall.

Rose Gaffney School, Machias – Shannon Micklus - $1,840
Rose Gaffney School Greenhouse Project
Funding will revitalize a currently unused greenhouse by creating a passive heating and cooling system. Food grown will be used in the cafeteria.

Mt. Blue High School – Monique Poulin - $2,000
Mt. Blue Greenhouse Green
The new greenhouse on the Mt. Blue Learning Campus is the first in the district. Funding will be used to integrate growing food into the Health program in the High School and classes in the Foster Tech Center.

Messalonskee High School – Clare Heffernan - $2,000
Eagle's Garden Project
This project will be a multi-faceted, student based learning opportunity utilizing the garden and a new greenhouse at the school.

Chebeague Island School – Bob Earnest - $1,000
Garden Outdoor Classroom
Funding will help to add a shelter to the outdoor classroom that will enclose their wood-fired pizza oven and allow for food preparation and educational sessions in any weather in the area adjacent to the garden.

Caribou FFA Ellsworth High School – Kimberly Sellers - $1,000
Food for Life & Learning
This project is a gardening program established by students and staff in cooperation with the Ellsworth Garden Club in an effort to teach small scale agricultural practices and provide green produce for the school cafeteria.

Kennebunk High School – Melissa Luetje - $1,000
KHC Garden & Greenhouse Project
Funding will be used to create and sustain the school garden and greenhouse and enhance academic achievement, improve the school environment, promote healthy food choices, provide valuable life skills, foster environmental stewardship and aid community and social development.

Oceanside East High School – Jesse Bartke - $1,000
School Garden Army
Students at the high school form an ARMY to initiate change. They maintain the school garden, cook meals, conduct taste tests, prepare foods, and plan and implement school gardens in other schools throughout the district.

Traip Academy – Marilyn Woodside - $1,000
Permaculture Curriculum and Sustainability Project
Funding will be used to develop a permaculture program including curriculum, garden and edible forest at the school.


Through FUNDING PROVIDED BY the Maine School Garden Network, 2013 USDA Specialty Crops Grant - FOR 2 Additional Garden Projects

Mt Desert Elementary School – Anica Miller Rushing - $2,000
Growing Gardens, Growing Minds
Funding will be used to add a citizen science curriculum to the garden project that will improve the science, agricultural and environmental literacy component while providing nutritious local produce.

Rippling Waters Farm and MSAD#6 – Richard Rudolph - $2,000
Grounding Gardens: Sustainability Initiative
Funding will directly connect students to their food source at three elementary in MSAD#6 and help these gardens to create local garden committees to help them sustain themselves into the future

Ag Awareness Grants up to $5,000

Wiscasset Primary School & Morris Farm – John Affleck – $5,000
Farm to School Project Continuation
Funding will support a farm to school coordinator to connect the school with the program at Morris Farm as well as 8 other mid-coast farms. Students experience agriculture all through the school year.

Edward Little High School Edward Little High School – Kimberly Finnerty - $4,957.93
Andy Aggie Program
This new program will link High School students to a local farm in operation for over 75 years. They will cooperate with the Auburn Land Lab and Lots to Gardens, run by the St. Mary's Nutrition Center.

Leavitt Area High School – Sharon Hathaway – $5,000
Ag Education Leads the Way!
This grant will pilot customized learning for students at the high school using agriculture. Students will combine technology, community based experiences, and traditional learning to design their own projects that increase their knowledge and skills in the areas of agriculture and natural resources.

Northeast Livestock Expo – Jessica Strout -- $5,000
Kid's Day at the Northeast Livestock Expo
Funding will be used to provide transportation costs to schools wishing to bring students in grades K – 6 to the NELE in May 2014. A full day of activities teaching students about farm animals is planned. 600 students attended in 2013 and 3 to 4 times that amount are expected next year as a result of this funding.

Medomak Valley High School – Genna Cherichello -- $5,000
Slow Food & the Heirloom Seed Project
Funding will be used to expand the nation's oldest high school heirloom seed project through the addition of seed storage. Materials will be developed on topics such as heirloom varieties, biodiversity, displayed for visitors. Cafeteria taste tests using garden produce and many other aspects of food appreciation are included in this grant.

Child Study Center Child Study Center – Kevin L. Duplissie -- $2,740
Two by Two Ag Awareness
This project is geared towards children at the UM Child Study Center and their families. The program includes over 100 University of Maine students, as well as 200+ PK children and their families that will gain knowledge together about the importance of agriculture using resources from MAITC, Books, and other materials.

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