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Education Grants Program - 2015

MAITC is pleased to announce the return of the Grant Program for 2015. The Maine Agriculture Specialty License plate revenues make funds available again this year! Many thanks to these license plate owners! Schools and other non-profit agriculture education initiatives across the state may apply for this competitive funding. This year (2014) 36 programs were funded across the state in amounts ranging from $1,000 - $3,000.

2015 Requests for Applications are now available!
The deadline for submission of 2015 applications - 4:00 PM on June 10, 2015.

2014 Final Reports Due June 1, 2015. Final Reports must be submitted to be eligible for 2015 grants.

Click links below to view/download the 2015 Requests for Applications

This grant program is made possible by the Maine Agricultural Specialty License Plate.

Overview of 2014 MAITC Grants Funded


Agriculture Leadership Grants up to $1,000

  1. Oxford Hills Technical School FFA – Advisor, Al Schaeffer
    To send FFA winning team on to compete at the Big E.
  2. Maine FFA Association – Advisor, Doug Robertson
    To send state FFA officers to Eastern States Expo
  3. Ashland District School FFA – Advisor, Janet Perry
    To compete at the Big E and tour New England Ag sites
  4. Sanford Regional Technical Center – Advisor, Katie Osediacz
    To fund travel for a new FFA group.
  5. Caribou Technical Center – Teacher, Casey Cote Photo
    To start a Community Supported Agriculture Program
  6. ME Assn of Conservation Districts - Rebecca Jacobs
    To support Envirothon
  7. Little Beavers 4-H Club – Leader, Marilyn Schofield
    To send 4-Hers to visit Agricultural colleges in New England
  8. Presque Isle High School FFA – Advisor, John Hoffses
    To attend the Big E and visit Maine farms.

Agricultural Awareness Grants - $1,000

  1. Albert S Hall School, Waterville – Teacher, Mary Dunn
    To bring local farmers and foods to students
  2. Atwood Primary School, Oakland – Teacher, Tammy Pullen
    To start a small garden & build a chicken coop.
  3. Hunger Free York County - Allison Hopkins
    To buy and teach students about fresh, local foods
  4. Holbrook Middle School, Holden – Teacher, Maddy Roberts
    Photo To continue the school garden project started with a MAITC grant in 2012
  5. Wells High School – Teacher, Elisa Allen Beriau
    For Field trips, farm products and lab activities for dual credit course "Principles of Sustainable Agriculture" for high school and college credit
  6. RSU#20, Swanville – Teacher, Patricia Ferrintino
    To start a small veggie program.
  7. The New School, Kennebunk – Teacher, Marilyn Wentworth
    To tour and learn from local farmers & markets
  8. Photo
  9. Maine Farm to School Network - Ken Morse
    To support the Maine Farm To School Conference
  10. R.W.Traip Academy, Kittery – Dr. Maury Hepner
    To purchase plants & compost for their permaculture garden
  11. Milbridge Elementary School – Teacher, Suzen Polk-Hoffses
    To visit local farms

School Garden & Greenhouse Grants – Up to $3,000

  1. RSU#2, Monmouth – Principal, Deborah Emery
    To explore agriculture through the use of their school greenhouse and connections to local farms
  2. Pemetic Elementary, Southwest Harbor – Teacher, Bonnie Burne
    Grant will be added to funding from the Maine Community Fund to build a year-round greenhouse which will be integrated into the core curriculum of all classes at the school, K – 8th grade.
  3. MSAD#15, Gray/New Gloucester – Teacher, Morgan Kerr
    To implement a school garden program and outdoor classroom.
  4. Photo
  5. Portland Arts and Technology H.S. – Teacher, Kathy Tarpo
    To expand the aquaponics program
  6. Hermon Middle School – Teacher, Shane Barker
    For a hoop house to cover previously installed raised beds.
  7. Brunswick High School – Teacher, Jon Riggleman
    Will work with at risk teens in the topics of food security, gardening and farming.

Agricultural Awareness Grants – Up to $3,000

  1. Leavitt Area High School – Teacher, Sharon Hathaway
    To support fieldtrips and collaborations for high school students and local farmers. A yearlong course that involves local farmers, internships, a field day and exposure to careers and local foods and farms. This year a dual credit program will be added for college credit.
  2. MSAD#15 Pre K, Gray-New Gloucester – Teacher, Kelly Burgess
    To add farm fieldtrips and agricultural activities to the 3 classrooms for 90+ Pre-K students over the school year.
  3. Photo
  4. Healthy Communities of the Capital Area – FoodCorp Service Member, Andrea Snow
    To support the FoodCorp service member's initiatives in 3 school districts.
  5. Edward Little High School – Teacher, Kimberly Finnerty
    To teach 90+ High School chemistry students through the use of living classroom experiences in agriculture.
  6. University of Maine Child Study Center – Teacher, Kevin Duplissie
    Photo To teach preschool and college students about agriculture through a year-long program including fieldtrips and experiential learning activities.
  7. Cumberland Farmers Club Exhibit Hall - Carolyn Small
    To support Ag Day at Cumberland Fair
  8. Re-Tree US - Richard Hodges
    To conduct grafting workshops at 5 Maine high schools with established orchards.
  9. Maranacook Community School, Readfield – Teacher, Pat Stanton
    Photo To support the Dual credit “Principles of Sustainable Agriculture” and alternative education agriculture programs.
  10. Northeast Livestock Expo, Windsor Fairgrounds - Cindy Kilgore
    To support the NELE Kid's Day Educational event.
  11. Opportunity Alliance, Portland/Westbrook – Teachers, Sarah Swenson, Suzie Berzinis & J'Aime Walker
    To provide fieldtrips andactivities for Pre K students in Westbrook.
  12. ME Assn of Conservation Districts, Hancock County - Megan Facciolo Photo
    To support the Educational Farm Tours program.
  13. RSU#52, Leavitt HS fiberarts - Marcia Martin
    To support fieldtrips and materials for a fiberarts class.
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