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  • In what type of soil do plants grow best?
  • Do plants know which end is up?
  • How much light do plants need?
  • Can plants get sunburned?
  • What color of light in the light spectrum causes green beans to grow the best?
  • Does temperature affect the growth of plants?
  • Can plants grow from the leaves?
  • Do bigger seeds produce bigger plants?
  • Does a plant grow bigger if watered with milk or water?
  • Compare the amount of starch in assorted vegetables.
  • Compare the freezing time for ice cream using ice versus ice and salt.
  • Will bananas brown faster on the counter or in the refrigerator?
  • Do different kinds of apples have the same number of seeds?
  • Which brand of popcorn pops the most kernels?
  • Which brand of popcorn pops the fastest?
  • Does sunlight affect the taste of milk?
  • Do ants like cheese or sugar better?
  • What foods do mealyworms prefer?
  • What seeds do birds like best?
  • Do mint leaves repel ants?
  • Which travels faster a snail or a worm?
  • On which surface can a snail move faster, dirt or cement?
  • How far does a snail travel in one minute?
  • How much can a Caterpillar eat in one day?
  • What color of flowers attract hummingbirds best?
  • What colors attract moths and other insects at night?


  • What happens to mushrooms grown with no light, or too much light? No moisture, or too much moisture? No fresh air?
  • Do roots of a plant always grow downward?
  • Compare different methods of cooking a potato and the sensory differences.
  • Does adding salt to a plant's water affect its health? How much salt can a plant tolerate before it dies?
  • Can plants grow without soil?
  • What type of soil is in my school yard?
  • How does the spray from mister bottle affect plant growth?
  • Does music affect plant growth?
  • Does a green plant add oxygen to its environment?
  • Compare organic pesticides to commercial pesticides.
  • What percentage of cornseeds in a package will germinate?
  • Does a plant need some darkness to grow?
  • What are the effects of chlorine on plant growth?
  • Do weed killers affect house plants?
  • How do the moon phases affect plant germination?
  • How fast do roots grow?
  • What is the effect of chlorinated water on plant growth?
  • How does the number of seeds produced by different plants compare?
  • Will frozen seeds sprout?
  • Will plants grow better in soil or water?
  • What can be done to increase the decomposing rate of plants?
  • Do plants grow bigger in soil or water?
  • How much weight can a growing plant lift?
  • Does it matter in which direction seeds are planted?
  • Do living plants give off moisture?
  • Can mushrooms be grown hydroponically?
  • Which plants and vegetables make the best dye?
  • Does the type of water affect the growth of plants?
  • Do living plants give off moisture?
  • Do living plants give off oxygen?
  • Does the amount of light affect the growth of plants?
  • Does sugar prolong the life of cut flowers?
  • Do microwaved foods cool faster than baked or stovetop foods?
  • Which wrapping would keep sliced apples the longest in a refrigerator - foil, wax paper, plastic wrap or baggies?
  • What plant foods contain starch?
  • How much of an orange is water?
  • How much of an apple is water?
  • How does temperature affect the water uptake in celery plants?
  • Do different species of birds prefer different types of seeds?
  • Can earthworms be used to turn kitchen waste into compost?
  • What products do beef cattle provide? Which body parts are not used?
  • How do day-old domestic chicks behave?
  • At what rate do pets drink water?
  • Do mint plants repel insects?


  • What factors affect the rate of fruit ripening?
  • Will antacids help soil polluted by acid rain?
  • What is the percentage of water in various fruits and vegetables?
  • How can agricultural pests be controlled without the use of insecticides?
  • Does temperature affect how well an insecticide will work?
  • How does centrifugal force affect the germination of corn seeds?
  • How does light direction affect plant growth?
  • Will vitamins affect the growth of a plant?
  • What is the effect of detergent on bean seeds?
  • Under what color light do plants grow best?
  • In what kind of material (sand, clay, etc.) do seeds grow best?
  • What is the effect of fats and cholesterol on plants?
  • Can a mushroom block continue to produce new flushes of mushrooms over a longer total life span if the block is lightly fertilized? Does an organic fertilizer (e.g. something like milk, gelatin, etc.) work better, or an inorganic one (something like Miracle Grow™)?
  • Do different types of soil hold different amounts of water?
  • Will adding bleach to the water of a plant reduce fungus growth?
  • Does the color of light spectrum affect plant growth?
  • What conservation practice works best to control erosion?
  • Observe the influence of different cooking methods and different pHs on the appearance, flavor and texture of vegetables.
  • Does sunlight affect the amount of vitamin C in orange juice?
  • What effect does cooking have on a food's nutritional value?
  • How do microwaves work to cook food?
  • Does playing music increase egg-laying in chickens? Ducks?
  • What effect does increased soil acidity have on earthworms?
  • How important are earthworms to soil formation and plant growth?
  • What kind of life can be found in one square meter of backyard soil?
  • How does a bird embryo grow in an egg?
  • Can mice distinguish color?
  • How do mealyworms respond to light?
  • How does an earthworm react to light and darkness?
  • Do different kinds of caterpillars eat different amounts of food?
  • Does temperature affect the flash rate of fireflies?
  • What is the effect of temperature on the activity of (mealyworms, crickets, etc.)?
  • Does a student's grade level affect his/her knowledge of endangered species?
  • How does earthworm population relate to soil type?

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