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How to do the bibliography for a science
fair project:

  • Write the author's last name, first name and middle name or initial.
  • Write the name of the article or chapter from your source in quotes.
  • Write the title of the book or source.
  • Write the place where your source was published followed by a colon.
  • Write the publisher name, date and volume followed by a colon and the page numbers.


  • Here is an example for a book or magazine - Smith, John B., "Science Fair Fun" Experiment Time, New York: Sterling Pub. Co., May 1990, Vol. 2:10-25.
  • Here is an example for a Web site - Bailey, Regina, Biology Site, Mar. 9, 2000.
  • Here is an example for a conversation - Martin, Clara, Telephone Conversation, Jan. 8, 2000.